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Adtrol capsule contains Calcitriol, Calcium, Folic acid, Methylcobalamin and Vitamin B6.
Role of key ingredients:
Calcium is used to prevent or treat low blood calcium levels in people who do not get enough calcium from their diets. Calcium is important for growth and development of bones.
Calcitriol (which is a form of Vitamin D3) is used in the absorption of calcium in the blood. Vitamin D3 helps in processing of essential minerals in the body like Calcium and Phosphorus. Lack of Vitamin D3 results in bone weakening, bone pain, and skin diseases.
Methylcobalamin and Folic Acid: Promotes regeneration of nerve cells and efficient conduction through nerve cells
Pyridoxine: Required to boost metabolism of fats and proteins, and maintaining health of nerves and RBCs.
Adtrol plus capsule are used in pregnancy & lactation, Chronic arthritis, rickets, renal failure, Osteoporosis, Old Age and in periods of rapid GrowthUse under medical supervision


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