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Divya Anu Taila

Divya Anu Taila is made from a combination of many herbs with multifarious benefits. Its application has been known to cure diseases is head, neck, shoulders, eyes, nose, ear, skin, throat and hair. Application in affected area gives relief from symptoms of ailments in these organs.

It has a soothing impact on the skin surface as well as works internally in cooling the brain and nerves. Anu Taila improves the workings of all sensory organs. Massage Anu Taila for relief and relaxation. Experience therapeutic effects of natural extracts in Ayurvedic medicine.

divya anu taila

Patanjali Divya Anu Taila is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of Blocked Nose. Secondary and off-label uses of Patanjali Divya Anu Taila have also been mentioned below. The key ingredients of Patanjali Divya Anu Taila are Jivanti, Ananthamoola, Devdaru, Kantakari, Cinnamon, Pitvan, Brihati. The properties of which have been shared below. The correct dosage of Patanjali Divya Anu Taila depends on the patient’s age, gender, and medical history. This information has been provided in detail in the dosage section.

  • Useful in tvakrauksya, palita
  • Cures diseases in head, shoulders and all sensory organs
  • Nasal application
  • Oil pulling


  • Jivanti
  • Jala
  • Devdaru
  • Nagarmotha
  • Dalchini
  • Sevya (useera)
  • Anantmool (sareeva)
  • Swet chandan
  • Daruhaldi
  • Mulethi
  • Plawa
  • Agaru
  • Satavari
  • Pundrahawa
  • Bel
  • Utpala
  • Brahati
  • Kantkari
  • Surbhi (rasna)
  • Salparni
  • Prashanprani
  • Vidang
  • Tejpatra
  • Ruti (shuchamela)
  • Renuka
  •  Kamala kinjala
  •  Ajadugdha (ltr)
  •  Till taila (ltr) “

Other Product Info

Best before-36 months from manufacturing date.

Side Effects

No side effects of Patanjali Divya Anu Taila have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor before using Patanjali Anu Taila.


  • Is the use of Patanjali Anu Taila safe for pregnant women?

    The effect of Anu Taila on pregnant women is unknown because research on this has not been done yet.

  • Is the use of Patanjali Anu Taila safe during breastfeeding?

    Information about safety of Anu Taila for women who are breastfeeding is not available since scientific research on this is yet to be done.

  • What is the effect of Anu Taila on the stomach?

    There are no side effects of Anu Taila for the stomach.

  • Is the use of Patanjali Anu Taila safe for children?

    Patanjali Anu Taila is safe for children.

  • Does Patanjali Anu Taila cause drowsiness?

    Divya Anu Taila will not make you feel sleepy. Therefore, you can drive and operate heavy machinery safely.

  • Is this Patanjali Anu Taila habit-forming or addictive?

    Chances of addiction to Anu Taila are nil



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